When Can You Find Best Deals on Rental Apartments


If you’ve had the experience of searching for apartments, whether offline or online on sites like www.courtneyoaks.com , you might have realized the fact that most of the apartment communities usually advertise discounted security deposits and move-in specials all year round. But you may not be aware of the fact that there is a specific time of the year when you can most powerfully negotiate to get best deals on rental apartments. Yes, it’s winter. Discussed below are some of the reasons for this.

Most of the tenants normally rent or leave apartments at the end of spring or the start of fall. This means that the apartments are mostly available during the months of warm weather, and this also means that in these days there is more competition among the prospective tenants as well.

Apartment managers are too busy in these days dealing with the requests for viewing the apartments. In these days, prospective tenants often have to face situations in these days when they call for viewing the apartment or their appointment date comes around, their desired apartment has been rented already. But that’s not the case in winters.

The empty apartment teases the landlord much, and he is always looking to rent it out. Keeping the utilities turned on cost him too much money. Advertising the apartment also costs him. And when the apartment is empty it is not adding anything to his income and he has to pay for maintenance, insurance, mortgage and management from his pocket.

In such a situation, landlords are often very open for negotiating the prices of rent, security deposits as well as the terms of the lease. This is the time when their only goal is simply to full out their empty apartment and give it to the tenant who can pay the rent right on time. For these reasons, winter can be best for those who are in search of getting a good deal on a rental apartment.

It should be kept in mind that your negotiation power will increase further if you portray yourself to be the best tenant. In other words, you should have good verifiable credit, employment and rental histories and nothing will go wrong if you dress up professionally for the viewing appointment as well.

If the landlord is not advertising for reduced security deposits, discounted rents and incentives like no rent for one month then you should ask for these. You can also tell him that you have checked different apartment communities that offered you move-in incentives as well. You need to be polite, yet forthright. You can also negotiate for extra parking space for free or on discounted price even if you have to pay for it.

If you have a poor credit score or bad employment history that caused you the denial of renting the apartment previously, winter is the best season when you can get it. This is the time when landlords normally relax some of the application requirements just for the sake of filling the empty apartment somehow.