Fun Things To Do When Visiting North Carolina

Visiting North Carolina

From the mountains of the Appalachian, to the skyscrapers in between, to the sandy beaches, North Carolina offers residents and visitors of the state countless activities to do and things to see. The Great Smokey Mountains and the Blue Ridge Parkway are two of the most visited and traveled to destinations in the state.

On the eastern part of the state, Cape Hatteras holds the record for as being the first natural seashore in the United States. So, if you are looking for something to fun to do while on vacation or a weekend getaway, you will have plenty of options in North Carolina.

Food And Drink

Allow your taste buds to take a delicious journey through North Carolina as you sample some of the local favorite cuisines that make the state as unique as its landscape. You can try some Calabash style seafood on the coast, or you can place your vote in the unending state dispute between Lexington and Eastern style barbecue.

Visit some of the popular farm to table restaurants that are located all over the state, or you can visit local farmer markets and roadside stands to create your own unique homemade meal. If you are thirsty, grab one of the state born soft drinks, Cheerwine and Pepsi, or visit one of the local wineries or breweries.


If you are a sports fan, North Carolina is your dream state. Play golf anywhere in the state, or take in one of the two PGA events that are held annually in the state.

North Carolina is also the home of NASCAR, and there are three races held every year at Charlotte Motor Speedway. There are also a range of professional sports in the state, basketball and football in Charlotte, and hockey in Raleigh.

North Carolina is a beautiful and fascinating state. With a rich history and modern amenities, it is the go to choice for your next vacation.