Fun Things to Do in Charlotte, North Carolina

Warm and sunny weather combined with kids out of school for the summer means one thing – vacation! And one excellent vacation destination is Charlotte, North Carolina. In this article, we will discuss a few fun things to do in this wonderful city.

1. NASCAR Hall of Fame

If you are a fan of watching NASCAR, then no doubt you will enjoy stopping by the NASCAR Hall of Fame. Not only can you see some of the most iconic stock cars ever used in the races, but you can learn more about the sport, enjoy a delicious meal, and even participate in a race simulation.

2. Freedom Park

Close to the heart of Charlotte’s downtown area is a wonderful park by the name of Freedom Park. Covering 98 acres, Freedom Park contains a beautiful 7-acre lake, paved walking trails for those who want to explore nature, tennis and volleyball courts, and much more. Your little ones can have a blast on the playground equipment and the whole family can enjoy a delicious picnic. There’s no better way to enjoy the sunshine in Charlotte than spending a day at Freedom Park.

3. Discovery Place Science

Located in Uptown Charlotte, Discovery Place Science is a museum that provides thrills and learning for people of all ages. Science and technology come to life with hands-on fun, experiments, an IMAX theater, and much more. If you want your children to continue learning while out of school, Discovery Place Science is a destination you don’t want to miss out on while in Charlotte.

In conclusion, if you are planning a trip to Charlotte, North Carolina, you’ll be thrilled at all of the fun choices there are when it comes to things to do in the city. Use this list to help the entire family enjoy their vacation. You’ll be sure to have a wonderful time. Enjoy!